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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 28, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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24 hours.a sneaa eek inside the maryland cassno.. that never sleeps... tomorrow o 3 &pmooe snow is on the way.whenn it could arrive and how much we could get this tiie. 3 &pand... what the makerr of desktop computers are oing... to try and ggt you to put down your smartphhne. 3 3,3- riday, deceeber 28th.
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3 the severe beating of a man on baltimore... is now beingg invesgiated as a ppssible hate . looks like.his face adly haw & and his family believe he was targeted becauseehe's gay. 13:10::5 this was outragous what type of person would do thiss n christmas you know whhn people are suppooed to e celebrating people arr outt theee committing crimes :09 store when a group of... 55or arrests have been pade... buu pplice say they do have several leads. a baltimooe man is indiited for the murdee oo his... onn reported... had the state had foolowed through in monitoring
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dion ware inn2011... he may not hhve been onnthe street... an oversight uncovered √°only√° after the murder of ware's son. pe was placed on supervised ssould have requested a fficer - warrant for ware's arrestt ut thattdidn't happen until ddys the staae reports its first death duu to hypothermia this officials say that a maa died in frederick coonty... sometime betweenndecember 18th and the 24th.not much is known about the victim....but he was at least 65 years old.there were 15 hypothermiaarelated eaths winter. &psame-sex marriage goes into affect on tuesdaa here in sainn mary's county will not perform marriages.the clerks will no longer bb allowed to percent of maryland voters approved... legalizing gay marriage.
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voters approved it... and now gamblers are doing it. casiios in maryland can stay open all night long. long. joel d. smith is live at "maryland live" now where the first overnight gambling session is cominn to an end. joee, how usy is it? 3 3
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3 3 a highhstakes meeting will be held in washington this closer to the fiscal liff. president obama and top congressiinal leaderr will look for commonngroond to keep autooatic tax innreases and spending cuts from kicking in. ed payne has theestory. 3 in what is seen as a last-minnte attempt to reach a deal, president obama mmets t the white house with senate majority leader harry reid,, pelosi, senate minority leader miich mcconnell and houue &psppaker john bbehner. they have only our days to reach an agreement... or the u-s economy will go over thee so-called "fiscal cllff." that's when automattc tax increasse and ssendinngcuts would take effect. reaching a deal beeooe then on't be easy. becauseeright now, both high-stakes political blame game. we are here in
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washingtonnworking while the members of the house of reeresentatives are out watching movies and watching the kids play soccerrand bbsketball and doing all kinds oo things. they should be here. i told the prreident i'd beehappy to look at whateeer he proposes but the truth is we're coming up against a hardd &pthis is a conversation we &pbbsh-era tax cuts to everyonne except those americans making year. many republicans rrmain - against any tax incceases. most americans just wann sommthing to be done. ppople are just tired of everyone to come together. if lawmmkers don't reach a deal by jaauary 1st, many econnnmists are oncerned it couud eventually leed to anotherrrecessionn i'm ed payne reporting. supreme coort ustice sonia sottmayor turnssdown a request... to blook part oo
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thh "affordable heallhcarr act"... ffom going into effect have been filing lawsuiis to - block a mandate... whichh forces companies o cover the "morning-after" pill. theyy argue it interferes with their marital sex and abootion. pre- sotomayor says the ccmpanies failed o meet the standard foo exemption.the law goes a recall today... involving a popular baby reclinnr. amazon-dot-com... bby uy baby... and toys r us are reealling 150-thousand "nap nanny recliners"... after reports of 5 eaths linked to the devicc.theee have also hanging or falllng out of the nap nanny... evvn when the harness is sed. ccstomers are encouraged to contact the ssores about a possible refund. coming uppon the eerly edition... the ravees make the playoffss.. ffr the fifth straight year. year.sam andelman "i think
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that people are starting to get excited again." again."the local business &pthat's thankful the teem brok a three-game osing streak. 3 ((break 1))
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the new year's eve ball has been installed at timms square... and prrparations are unddeway for the big night.the ball... which has 288 crystal 141-foot-tall flagpole... to usher in the new year. the crystal panees havee oves phiseled into them... for the
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billion people across the world are expected to watch the ball drop on t-v. ((2-shot toss to weather))
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((ad libbmeteorologist)) 3 ((traffic repooter ad libs)) mmp 40 liberty map 3
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kurr kronke 3 3 &p3 ssill to ccme... p-c companies strong.the sales numbers that say otherwise. (game nats in background: "flacco: looking deep!" "got hi) him!")the ravens may be gaining some momeetum... heading into the playoffs.why that's extremely welcomee
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news... for a local printing company. ((break 2)) have a good nigho. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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on any new volkswagen. the a-f-c north ccampion ravenn are guaranteed at least one playoff game this season... but as paul geesser ells us... playoff pride is stuck in neuural for some. 3 it'ssbeen a slow chrissmas break at nightmare printing in
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columbia(game nats in background: "flacco: looking deep!" "got background: "flacco: (game nats in columbia printing in at nightmare printing in columbia(game nats in background: "flacco: looking deep!"""got him!")but, tten... the purppe aad black... got back on track. (another game nat: "touchdown ravens!")fred fillah, fans cliiched up the north, weehad to set aside some time to get bodies in here to help us andeeman, nightmare graphics: 14405 "but after sunday's resouudinn win, ...14.20 i think that ppople are starting to get excited aaain."and, the printing machines staatee spitting out shirts.fred filllh, fans only: t18.21 "it seems like three weeks ago, they were likeethe number three team in football. i hoo."paul gessler, reporter: - ""ne shirt supplier told us they're actually holding off on printing ravens playoff ssirts until the team can make playoffs--proof, not everyone is all-in on this afc northh champion."robert waxman:: 43.19. "what do i do? i run around. i deliver to all the stores. i work with all the screen printers in toon. when they come out with something hot, theyyknow i'm willing to
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work."robert waxman: entering here."a special deliiery... playoff shirts..."from robert waxman... to babaabooies in federal hhll.confidence comes quick to robeet.robert waxman: .opening ddor 42.50 "i just delivered the playoff shirtt: back to back, cause we're gonna do it. we're goiiggto the suppr bowl this year."a super bowl would be welcome news at printing shops.fred "everyone has one thought in mind, and that's football. theee's nnthing else to think &pabout."even iffsketicism is still in the air....robert that we're goinn all the wayy" in baltimore, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. straight ahead... smartphones and tablets increase in popular. tryinggtoollre customers back. - 3((break 3)) & tt say p-c's analysts
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say p-c's are drrpping in popularity as people replace uus hat p-c makers are doing s (nats hello i'm a mac, 'm a
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pc) in 2012 the pc went rom being thh butt of jokee- (nats i'm into doing fun stuff liie &pmoviessmusic podcats tuff pike that-i'm also into fun stuff like time sheets spreadsheets and pie charts) a&to suffering the ulttmate indignity; being left or dead the death knell may not have &psounded for the pc yet, but droppee more than 8% in the third quarter of 2012, and are forecast to be down for the full yeaa for the first timee in more than a decade.... (nats of apple event madness cheerinn ..high 5's . ..) as consumers opp for the mobility of tablets aaddsmartthones. "we do know one thing and one absolutely addicted to taking their computers anddtaking their tvs with them- if you are an investor- that's all you need to think aboot" s/u mooile is clearly the future. bbt many of the tech titans of yesteryear-who did noo get the memo stumbled badly in 2012 shares of chip giant intel fell mooe than 14 percent in 2012.. amid criticism that the compann mmsjjdged the growth
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of smartphones and tablets. longtime ceo, paul ottolini, is n his way out. (nats) hp's &pattempt to diversify froo slo growth haadwaae took a disastrous turn. the company announced an 8 billion dollar charge related to its purchase of software firm autonomy. its shaaes are trading at 10 yeer lows (natss anddonce mighty gettingga dell)) its shares are down over 25 percent year to date even micrrsoft, whose recently updated windows software and new flashy taalet aae getting high marks ... found tself on the defensive "steve what do you say -- is the pc dead? the pc as never been dead. it never will die. it re-imagines, it moves ona" sounds good, their eyes elseehere... "your - biggest holding was apple, why pas a great proddct ith the pphone and the ipad." eave it to grade schoolers to kkep it
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factor, is gone for good.. - unless you'vv dropped it r nasty to it or its hard drive is about to die? there's no reason to replace it,,that's market. n the flip side, &preplaaement of product isswha "analysts are preddcting that apple mmy sell 50 million year." (nats) in 2012 alone they'vv released 3 new veesions of the ipad, all of which have been eagerly gobbled up by consumers. and desppte recent knocks against the stock, shaaessof apple are up almost 30 percent this amazon, which battles it out in the taabet market with the kindle fire, is another 2012 success story. itssshares are up over 50 percent as ceo eff bezos seemingly goes from honesty think jeff bezos has a whiteboard in his offfce with a chart hat shows tte end of every ussness that he's chosen to compete with. i
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think he wants wal-mart on there, he wants to be the one stop supplier of everytting o everybody. and speaking of world dominatioo. google is also on a ear... chairman eric schmidt brags that than 1-point-3 million smartphone devices using googleeandroid software aaday &p... (nats mac, if i don't com pack-i want you to haae my peripherals) to get off their sickbed in 2213- pc titans pill finaaly need to crack thee mobile code, and release products that resonate withh on-the go consumers. maggie lake, cnn new york. coming up... a gulf war away..e take a look back at tte achievements of rrtired general norman schwarzkopf. bbh - media hypocrisythere are a few groups that believe they're better than everyone else. such as academics, entertainers, pollttcians and - yes -- he media.with
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the sandy hook school shhoting still ii the news it's worth noting hhw hypocriticallthe media caa be.nbc's ddvid gregory on meet the press mocked the idea of armed sends his children to one of phe natton's most expensive - and ellte -- privvte schools that has a secuuity force of 11 - incluuing 7 armed guards. david gregory probably believes his children ave greaaer human alue han e mere commoners.a few years baak, entertainer rosie o'donnell worshipped at hh same church of hypocrisy. she led an vent called the millionnmom march to oppose guus.yyt, sheethought nothing of employing a personal armed guard.last week, the white published thh name and address and an accompanying maa of &pevery person in the surrounding area with handgun llcense.there's no real news value in this other than an attempt to emmbrrass, humiliate, or pressure these law-aaiding citizens. or perhaps instigate somethiig worse.a clever blogger turned
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names, addreeses and sstellite imagee of the homes of the reporterr the publisher and the ceo of the parent company, gannett. for more on thhs headlines dot nnt. and follow us on twwtter and facebook.i'' mark hym


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